I'm an American in London England and have been in the UK for over 14 yrs!  I have grown to love England as my home and have picked up a few words and twang in my accent---enough so I get mistaken for Canadian sometimes!  I never expected I'd be doing Scentsy, but life always ends up throwing you curveballs that end up being blessings in disguise.  I was the 17th person to join Scentsy when it opened up in the UK and its completely changed my life.  The friendships, the leadership opportunities, the free trips--Scentsy has been far #MoreThanWax in my life and I want the same for you!!!

So how do I get involved:   You can either SHOP for Scentsy,  HOST a party (its not as bad as you may think believe me) or if you LOVE Scentsy----then Joining my team as a UK consultant.

What products are available?   We differ a bit from the USA and Australia, New Zealand in that we've got Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Buddies----No Layers or Scentsy Plug-ins but don't let you think that we aint as cool as our Scentsy brothers and Sisters---In Europe we've got quite a few scents and warmers that they don't have,  plus we've got an awful lot of enthusiasm to make up the difference too.   Want to see and Download the Current Scentsy UK Catalogue---CLICK HERE.



Q: How do I get more Bars if I don't live near you and want to save money on shipping? 

Answer:  You can order from me direct---aka call me or email me (I often have some warmers in stock) and I'll ship it via Royal Mail.  This takes longer buts its quicker.  If you want to save money on bars and order online, order more than 6 bars (be sure to use the multi-pack) and stock up.  The Shipping never changes whatever weight you've got (I didnt decide the price) which £9 is super great for big orders but not so great for teeny weeny ones.   If you're confused give me a ring anytime on 07447644586 and I'll tell you the best way to get your wax for the best price.

Q:  How long does the Scentsy wax last?

A:  60-80 hrs depending on the room and the scent, each cube about 6-8 hrs.  The wax never dissipates, its just the scent so you can reuse and reuse (pour back into container if you want to change a flavour).  Be sure to change the flavours over every few days to keep your nose fresh---You may think that you can't smell your Scentsy anymore, but its your nose getting immune....Changing the wax often helps this. 

Q:  I live in London, can I get free Shipping?

A:  YES!!!  But I will usually ask if I can meet you 1/2 way if you are out of Zones 1-3.  This means I'm not spending my life on trains and the tube and more time spending the scentsy spirit!





Free Scentsy

So I know what you're thinking----How on earth do I have time to host a Scentsy Party when some days I forget to eat.  Gone are the days  where the only option was to do a home party.  If you want to do a home party then great, but there's also catalogue Parties, Facebook Parties and Basket Parties.  You dont even have to host, anytime you collect £150 or more in orders----If You want to get free Stuff---We've got the Party for you.  With online and Catalogue Parties there's no need to live close by to me either.  Wherever you live in the UK  I cant take care of you!!! 

Click Here for more Info on Hosting

Heidi and Orville Thompson Cancun
Scentsy UK Incentive Trips

Joining Scentsy in the UK:

We've grown quite a bit since we started in 2011, to no one knowing Scentsy to people recognising it and looking for us.  Its been tough but completely worth it and I'm proud to say I'm one of the founding consultants in the United Kingdom.  But there's no way in heck, I can do this all myself and need your help!  If you are looking for extra money for whatever reason or if you need Scentsy to be something more in your life, I want to help. 


Q:  Do you need to be good at sales to do Scentsy?

A:  I used to be a music teacher when I started Scentsy, the furthest thing from sales.  If you have a passion and never give up you will succeed with this.

Q:  Do you need to pick a sponsor that lives close to you?

A:  Nope, distance doesnt matter with a sponsor.  You could have a sponsor that's 5 minutes away and still not get the support you need.   Scentsy is a global business and you should aim to recruit internationally if you can, so getting used to not having team members nearby will help you better for growing your own team!

Q:  How much will I get paid?

Scentsy UK and Global Compensation Plan

A:  Of course the life change-y thing is nice, but what about the dough??  I hear ya!!   I've put a copy of the compensation plan next to this little FAQ.  Click on it and it will get bigger.  :)  Basically its 20% to start with opportunity to move much higher than that---which is pretty freaking awesome dont you think?